Infus Pump

• Infusion Modes: R+V, R+T, V+T, R, Drug Library,Weight, Relay, Gradient
• Maximum Flow Rate: 1800 mL/h
• Flow Rate Range: 0.01-1800 mL/h, with a resolution
of 0.01 mL/h
• VTBI Range (Volume To Be Infused):
0.01~9999.99 mL, with a resolution of 0.01 mL • Infusion Accuracy: ±5%
• Bolus Rate (Bolus Level): Adjustable from
1 mL/h to 1800 mL/h, in volumes from 1 mL to 9999 mL, continuously adjustable with a resolution of 1 mL
• Time Setting Range: 00h00min~99h59min, with a resolution of 1 minute
• Maximum Infusion Pressure: 160 kPa
• Occlusion Pressure Alarm: Low: 40 kPa±20 kPa,
Medium: 80 kPa±20 kPa, High: 120 kPa±20 kPa • Power Adaptor: AC Input: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz,
Lithium Battery: 10.8V, rechargeable
• Battery Capacity: The device can operate for
more than 6 hours on battery power
• Alarm Functions: Door Open, No IV set, Occlusion,
Upstream Occlusion, End of Infusion, Air in Line,
Low Battery, A.C and DC Off, Motor Error, Communication Error, Pause Interval, Low Battery, Infusion Nearly Complete
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Dimensions: 215mm × 129mm × 80mm
(Length x Width x Height)

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