We’re updating our course codes in preparation for the release of our new calendar. Therefore whilst our training remains the same, you may notice some changes to the codes you are familiar with across our portfolios.

As always, our Sales Team will be happy to assist if you need any help identifying the training you need.

We deliver highly practical training for biomedical engineers relating to the safety, servicing and performance verification of a range of equipment including electro-cardiovascular, ventilation, anaesthesia and dental.

At its heart is our core 2-week biomedical equipment course which provides new entrants to the healthcare sector with a solid understanding of biomedical equipment principles, applications and maintenance procedures.

Theory learning is combined with hands-on practical experience in our medical equipment labs and fully functioning operating theatre.


Biomedical equipment maintenance practice

Biomedical equipment maintenance practice

Servicing anaesthesia & ventilation equipment

Safety testing of electrical medical equipment (IEC 60601-1 + 62353)

Maintaining Cardiovascular Equipment

Maintaining Infusion Devices, Foetal Monitors & Incubators

Maintaining Theatre Equipment